Our company ethos.

At Ozbourne, we believe that each individual has a responsibility to the Earth. As Christians, we believe looking out for humanity is a calling we all carry. We understand that our planet is not replaceable, and we each have a part to play in her health. The fashion industry is a leading cause of pollution and inhumane labor practices worldwide, but we believe we can lessen the impact by providing our customers with a place to shop that holds high standards, so you can rest easy knowing your garments are ethically made.

We try to purchase mostly from North American designers, as it lessens the strain that overseas garment production puts on our planet and boosts our own economy. While most of our brands are made in North America, those that are not are held to high standards and all practice fair wage, as the people who make our items are our first priority. Humanity over profit, always.

We also package all of your purchases as sustainably as possible, as almost all of our packaging is either recyclable or compostable. You will find instructions for how to dispose of each element of your package enclosed in your purchase. We understand that living 100% ethically or sustainably is impossible for any one person, but it is the culmination of small steps that make a difference.

Ozbourne would like to be one of the small steps you take toward living a little more ethically, expressly in the clothing you wear.

Our story.

In its inception, Ozbourne as a company is a wife and husband (Carlee and Dete) working out ofa spare room in our home in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. Our life revolves around our daughters, and our small business allows us a creative outlet while I stay home to raise them. Ozbourne is intended to be more than just a site to buy clothing from; we hope you gain inspiration from the experience that is our brand.

All of our products are:

  • Made ethically, with humanity in mind

  • sustainable + low-impact as possible

  • Hand-selected for quality + aesthetic

  • Intended to be worn + loved for years

Our founder

Meet Carlee

Carlee is a West Coast woman living in the prairies of Canada. She is a Christian, a wife, and mother of daughters, who has always considered clothing the most beautiful art form. She is a woman’s woman, who inherited a love of horses and textural dark clothing from of her parents - all of which translates heavily into Ozbourne’s brand.

Carlee and her favourite husband, Dete, are passionate about conservation and sustainability. Together, they strive to make Ozbourne as environmentally friendly as possible, while curating beautiful and relevant pieces.

"I'm constantly in awe of the strong, brilliant women in my life. With Ozbourne, it's my goal to help them feel empowered by expressing themselves in they can feel good in and good about."

— Carlee

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